About M.A.X.®

M.A.X.® represents

M.A.X.® is an intense full body workout with an emphasis on muscle-body shape. On latest findings strength and endurance is trained, fat burning optimized.

By exercise choice and combination endurance, strength and coordination are improved, a super effective training is guaranteed.

Recognized star quality + knowledge of exercise science = M.A.X.®

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This does M.A.X.® do for you

  • efficient whole body workout in 30 minutes with simple exercise sequence
  • motivating workout to cool music
  • mental and physical challenge
  • strengthens and tightens the legs, buttocks torso and core muscles
  • improves the sense of balance and coordination
  • optimizes fat metabolism
  • increases stamina

Training concept

Since 2013, M.A.X. is successful in the fitness industry. Not only in Switzerland, as well international like Germany, Austria, Hungary and Finland.

M.A.X. offering a modern and total package of own M.A.X. Music Tracks, Video Updates every 3 months, on-going marketing support for the Studios and Instructors, etc.

M.A.X.® is a 30-minutes group fitness format and is based on structured exercise sequences in which endurance, strength and coordination are trained. This is followed always by 3 different exercises consecutively. The respective load / recovery phase is in the ratio of 45/15 seconds. The endurance exercises are carried out with and without the step. The strength sequences are focusing on the legs and gluteal muscles (with squat and lunge variations), as well as on the torso and core muscles. The coordinative abilities can be found in all the exercises. Also targeted balance exercises are incorporated into the processes.

M.A.X.® is a pre choreographed group fitness concept. About the unity the target groups can be optimally addressed and the customers may exercises very effective  in each M.A.X. Training with the same exercises.

The music tracks are specifically tailored to the load / recovery phase, as well as on the 3 exercises consecutively. This guarantees on the one hand a perfect sequence (the central term) , on the other hand , the music has a positive effect on the motivation , so that the exercisers experience a high experience factor .

MAX® is a product of the Star Education AG, Switzerland. www.star-education.ch

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M.A.X. at starSpecial 2016
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For Studios and Trainers

With MAX® an interesting and contemporary group fitness format is offered. The benefits speak for themselves:

  • The format corresponds to the spirit of the time - short and intense
  • The simplicity and intensity, the format can also appeal to men
  • Ideal for lunch or evening courses in combination with "intense abdominal", etc.
  • The format may be performed in group fitness and also on the training area
  • Little preparation time for instructors because of the simple structure of the training
  • Motivating and independent M.A.X. music tracks (2 CDs per year)
  • Guaranteed variety through regular online video updates
  • The prescribed lesson plans (via starOnline - every 3 months) guarantees quality and uniform content
  • No licenses for studios and trainers
  • Inexpensive updates for the trainers (4 Updates for CHF 30.- each)
  • Marketing material as customer flyers, posters and video teaser in print and file format
  • Employment of existing equipment, for example steps

M.A.X.® International

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