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With MAX® an interesting and contemporary group fitness format is offered. The benefits speak for themselves:

  • The format corresponds to the spirit of the time - short and intense
  • The simplicity and intensity, the format can also appeal to men
  • Ideal for lunch or evening courses in combination with "intense abdominal", etc.
  • The format may be performed in group fitness and also on the training area
  • Little preparation time for instructors because of the simple structure of the training
  • Motivating and independent M.A.X. music tracks (2 CDs per year)
  • Guaranteed variety through regular online video updates
  • The prescribed lesson plans (via starOnline - every 3 months) guarantees quality and uniform content
  • No licenses for studios and trainers
  • Inexpensive updates for the trainers (4 Updates for CHF 30.- each)
  • Marketing material as customer flyers, posters and video teaser in print and file format
  • Employment of existing equipment, for example steps

M.A.X.® Germany and Austria

In Germany and Austria M.A.X.® - Muscle Activity Excellence is exclusive offered by IFAA.

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Find all studios and providers with M.A.X.® on offer through the studio finder.

Here you can find a list of current providers with MAX® programs:

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The trademark guarantees the quality and the long-term success of the MAX offer. All providers and instructors can optimally benefit from the brand MAX®

MAX® is a registered trademark of the Star Education AG, Switzerland.

All rights are at the Star Education AG, Switzerland.

Only trained instructors may teach the MAX® courses (30-minute lessons) The training is for the Star Education AG, Switzerland.

MAX® courses must exclusively, according to concept & philosophy, be taught with the preset music tracks and movements, which are taught at the training day and on the updates. Any person who teaches M.A.X. has to buy the training through starOnline and is not allowed to pass it on to third parties.

MAX® instructors / providers may offer MAX® exclusively for consumers under the name MAX®. It is not allowed to train or certify other instructors.

MAX® basic and advanced trainings as well as workshops may only be carried out by the star-formation team and the by star licensed training providers. Presentations of MAX® at congresses, workshops or other events requires the written consent of the Star Education AG.

Any activities which are directed against the registration of the trademark MAX® or support third parties are to refrain strictly. This includes, among others, the abuse of the MAX® updates on starOnline, as well as unauthorized reproduction of the MAX® CDs, etc.

For each case of infringement of the trademark protection MAX®, an amount of CHF 1,000 will be charged.