M.A.X.® Training days

  • M.A.X.® Training days

    On the MAX® training day (training concept) the MAX® concept is imparted and developed with a lot of practice and dose theory sessions, informed about possibilities and responsibilities.

    Condition; Basic training in group fitness area (Diploma/Certifivation), Tae Bo, Kick Power , pumping instructors , gymnastics , spa and exercise area .

    Expertise; The participants are able, in accordance with established guidelines and recommendations to train efficient and motivating MAX® courses.


    M.A.X.® International

    Our internationale M.A.X. Partner are selected, professional and dedicated companies.

    Germany and Austria
    IFAA Logo
    IFAA – For 31 years your competent partner for basic and advanced training, specialist congresses, training equipment and professional education.

    Schwabischer Turnerbund Logosvg
    STB - Swabian Turnerbund is the largest sports association in Baden-Wuerttemberg and is a member of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB).

    Fitnesscompany Logo
    Fitness Company is one of the leading education schools in Hungary. Well-konwn for professional competence and a lot of enthusiasm.

    Sanna Kasurinen is a qualified presenter and educator, with a lot of experience and great network.

Course dates Switzerland
  • 20.06.2021 in Zürich
  • 18.09.2021 in Zürich
  • 06.11.2021 in Zürich
  • 04.12.2021 in Zürich
  • 19.03.2022 in Zürich
  • 19.06.2022 in Zürich
  • 17.09.2022 in Zürich
  • 12.11.2022 in Zürich
  • 10.12.2022 in Zürich
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